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Ignorance to Knowledge

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Ananya foundation(Regd) Chamarajapete, Bengalooru, has been conducting various social welfare programs since last three years, that include educational and social development programs in rural areas, women and child empowerment programs, cultural programs, cleanliness drives in rural areas, environment protection drives etc. Our organization's President ,is a social and religious thinker, firmly believes and wants social and economic transformation in rural areas through the organization's highly ambitious project "Grama Dattu Yojana". Around 200 villages in those taluks will be adopted and the organization aims to bring about a change in economy and social status of such areas. As part of this program, we have identified economically and socially weaker villages in 13 districts and 39 taluks across Karnataka. Hence, our organization has decided to adopt some of the economically and socially backward villages and tribal areas (kurubas, lambaanis, gollarahattis etc).

Our Mission

You can be a part in our Programs, held in various parts of our state, an active Volunteer or an Socialist with a goal, as an indivitual or as an Corporate Community. Contact us for more details and information on programs.

Help & Support

Ananya Foundation invites you to come forward and join us in our fight against poverty and Social instabilities in our Nation, let us together pledge to make the lives of our fellow Countrymen, better than as it is now.

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Your small help may bring Hope and Light into the lives of many people, outclassed and downtrodden by society. Be a part of the Change. Lets Join hands in this mission.


Further encouraging and recognize the farmers and coolie labours and talent of women, with develop the organizing mentality in farmers and coolie labours and women, so as to performing the economic and social responsibility, has been organized about this following subjects by “campaigns”, “Saptahas” “Seminars” “information dispose of”.

  • To resolve the health and hygienic problem
  • To create awareness on problem of health because of deficiency of nutritious food
  • To create awareness on women and children
  • To create knowledge about caste system
  • To come out from the superstition
  • To create awareness in people about conventional agriculture system
  • To provide information about facilities available from Grama Panchayats
  • To convert drinking and smoking free villages
  • To eradicate the unemployment problem
  • To motivate to grow commercial and horticulture crops
  • To create awareness on basic education, vocational education, craft oriented education, and to give free and compulsory education to rural and poor children
  • To facilitate pure drinking water
  • To help for achievement of the necessity expertise to overall progress in knowledge and skill
  • To provide good opportunity in primary stage to socially and economically backward classes
  • To provide forum to active development
  • To develop the educational excellence, restraint and discipline
  • To increase the thinking and analyzing attitude among the people
  • To create the mental, spiritual development among the people
  • To organize the programmes for widows and old age people
  • To protect the environment by bio refreshes and conservation
  • Folk art renaissance

Our Aim

For development of urban and rural region and to popular the socialism of self confidence, democracy, national integrity and psycho scientific mentality which are agreed in national level, without any profit. Motive to encourage the education, agriculture industrial trade, commerce and production activities of urban and rural and to establish, running and develop the institutions with connection to them. 

We fight together

We are humans Ananya Foundation would like to say briefly about the programme on adopting the villages that is Ananya Foundation Programme for urban and rural people being a programme, it develops their personality by involving the community development programs for the urban and rural people. For this intention, Ananya Foundation is adapting 900 villages across Karnataka, to induce the rural people by leadership camps, campaigns, sports and cultural programmes, national integrity camps, women awareness programme by establishing the Chintana Koota's , by establishing the voluntary groups, health volunteers and by giving guidelines to organize the programme actively to such institutions.