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As per hymn "Goes let god leads us, to the path of truth from untruth, towards eternity from death, towards enlightenment from darkness, towards knowledge from ignorance. Right time has come to decide the relationship of this modern lifestyle for life visible. In this modern lifestyle, there is no place for religion-morality, no status for Hari Hara. If there is no comprehension to view, no heart to modern lifestyle. Youth can’t understand either the beauty of poetry, art and architecture. Present lifestyle have no knowledge about the concept of love and sharing the feelings of each other. This lifestyle is silent, no fearness, no amazement! etc. There is no idiolism about the truth! non-violence! devotional! knowledge! renunciation etc. The proper time has to come visualize the life. In India there are several religion and are silent without cause failed to create any good input on the people, youths are questioning in every situation about on why? how? what? our religions are not in a position to answer them. The situation has arised with uncertainty and parents seeing their children who were due great and they started convincing them to do as they are growing. There is no teaching about religion, morality in the schools which is reason for all this. Youths are rebelling against their teachers and parents. There is no solution that how to obstruct their disobedience and insolence. This is aweful situation in our country now! our mental condition has collapsed. Mind or heart did not evolve rightly in people who are leading a life without controlling morality, any proper rules and regulations. The question may arise that there is any treatment to us, who were missing and wondering in the dark? Without any infinite profit, we visualize the life as stated which with due experience on strong basic decided duty in love, ignorance of country in peace mutual co-operation between government and the people, interest, religion trend, ideology in this cleanliness. Lets we go in “ancient life path”. Lets we meet love, reliance, meditation, art, sincerity, adoration, happiness knowledge. If we get them as ours, we can visualize great life.

  • Knowledge people will accrued by mentor
  • Truth acquaintance with sadhana
  • profit of justice by imitation

Founder : Shri Shashidhar Guruji

This specific region has seen great personalities who were not seen in any region of world. Our country is a great region which was born to spiritual souls like Ramakrishna, Vivekananda, Dayananda Saraswati, Aravinda, country makers as like Kanakadasa, Shishunala Sharif, Kabir, Tulasidas, Mahatma Gandhi, Vishweshwaraiah, Ambedkar, Tilak knowledgeable persons as life Vyasa, Valmiki, Yajnavalkya, Allamaprabhu religion constitutors as like Shankaracharya, Madhvacharya, Ramanujacharya, Goutama Budda, Mahaveera, Basaveshwara. In this nation, we have many challenge works before us as challenge which can do for our city and rural improvement, with support of our people, where any city and rural to be develop, the drastic changes these below mentioned fields are necessary.

  • Educational development
  • Social development
  • Employment for all (self employment activities)
  • Cultural evolution
  • Urban and rural hygienic etc
  • Prevention of inequality between men and women
  • Land, water preservation natural resources nature resources

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Executive Board Members

Sri Sadguru Shashidhar Guruji                              



Smt. K.B. Rajeshwari, MA., Med.,                        



Dr.B.Ashwath Kumar, B.A.M.S.,                           



Sri. M.N.Shreenidhi, B.Sc., Bed., LLb.,              

Executive Director


Sri. S.Hemachandra, B.E.,          

Project Director

Administrative Board of Directors

Smt. A.N.Divya, MCom,MBA, Phd.,                          

Human Resources


Ms. Akshatha Raj, BCA.,                                            



Sri. N. Nagesh, B com. LLb.,                              

Legal Advisor


Mr. H .Shailesh Koti                                            

Co – Ordinator


Mr. D.M.Manjunath, B Com., (C.A)                           


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