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About Ananya Foundation

Aims & Objectives

➢ To help lonely old age people , unprivileged children & women .
➢ To provide Social, Educational and Economic Empowerment to Women and Children.
➢ To mentor and provide guidance to the youth by providing free career counseling, that will
help them to choose their careers according to their capabilities and demand of
➢ To associate itself with any other institution, Society or Association, having objectives wholly or in
part, similar to those of this Society and to co-operate with any person or body of persons in
furtherance of such objectives.
➢ To work for uplifting the status of women in the society. To work against female circumcision and to
fight against the victimization of girl /women by anybody in the society on female circumcision or any
other related issues.


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Udyam Registration Certificate
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Education Awareness Programme

“We work towards creating quality and equitable opportunities for children and communities to learn and grow with a view to long term sustainable change.”

A large group of Indian population lives in slums. Often slums in India are associated with poor lifestyle and low-level of education. Kids in these places are deprived even of their primary education. Ensuring access to English education to the slum dwellers in India is challenging, but even more difficult is to educate them about the benefits of learning the language that can have a striking effect on their status and lifestyle.Emphasizing on their right to education along with accentuating the need for learning the English language can help them get over the problems they face on a daily basis. Know how of the English language can emancipate the people in the slums. Here are a few points justifying their need to learn the dialect.